Wear-Resistant Slurry Pump

Wear-Resistant Slurry Pump Introduction

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Wear – Resistant Slurry Pump  Wear – Resistant Slurry Pump  Wear – Resistant Slurry Pump


Wear – resistant rubber as liners prolongs the service life by 2-4 times Internal rubber liners with small specific gravity can effectively improve the impeller speed;

Maximum flow rate than other slurry pump can improve the efficiency of the whole 10-20%, overall efficiency increased more than 30%;

Small specific gravity wet parts, convenient maintenance, low noise; reduce the number of repair personnel and the operational maintenance cost Smooth wet parts make operation more stable.

【Product Structure】

XPA Slurry PumpXPA Slurry Pump

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XPA Wear-resistant Rubber Slurry Pump

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The main components of wear-resistant slurry pump includes impeller, motor, sheath etc.

Sheath and impeller is made of Xinhai wear resistant rubber.

The auxiliary suspenders simply remove the pump shell, and are convenient for maintenance.

【Technical Parameters】

Model & Spec. Flow (m3/h) Max. Head (m) Rotating Speed (r/min) Max. Rated Power (kW) Max. Efficiency (%) Impeller Diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Overall Dimension (mm)
XPA 50/50 20 ~60 38 800~2400 22 51 200 156 725X482X491
XPA 80/80 30~100 45 600~2100 45 53 256 326 915X590X595
XPA 100/100 60~160 50 600~1600 75 57 340 440 999 X 648 X 660
XPA 150/125 100~260 47 400~1400 110 63 372 608 1280X736X758
XPA 200/150 160~450 47 450~1200 132 69 433 736 1313X788X822
XPA 250/200 300~900 46 400~1200 250 78 454 1250 1600X812X956
XPA 300/250


45 300~900 600 73 610 1956 1698X966X1083

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